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nicknames: Famous. Little. Jerkface. Buttnugget. Jackwagon. Bad Kitty. Big Ears. Rabbit. (And some others, used during times of extreme Amos-induced duress, involving words not fit for blogging.)

It's taken me months to write this.

You would think writing about a feline would be a piece of cake, right? Ri-ight.

Amos is not your average kitty.

Amos is a menace. A threat to society. A jerk.

He's the first cat I've met who doesn't know how to snuggle. Doesn't take, "no" for an answer. Isn't afraid of ANYTHING.

He knocks over glasses, trips you on the stairs, beats up on Bob like it's his job, bites total strangers and attacks ankles without provocation.

Did I mention he's a jerk?

But he's also unbelievably cute. Like out of this world cute. I can hardly stand it some days.

He comes with a story.

I consider him a rescue, even though by definition he was being taken care of. At six months of age, he had a home with food and a clean box. But he didn't have any love. The people who had him named him, "Fat Blob".

As soon as I heard that, I knew he needed to come home with us.

So the little kitty who didn't know love for the first six months of his life was brought into a house where cats are treated like family.

KittyDaddy has mad kitty-socialization skills, and works with him all the time.

Amos isn't really one for listening.

And so we continue to try. We love him as much as he lets us. And even though we have absolutely no reason to believe he'll mature into a loving, well-behaved cat like Bob, we hope.