Shows & Readings

'Turns out Mom was right: I can only be me. That’s why when I do a show, it’s a little different. Sure, you get the full psychic/medium meal deal, but consider yourself warned: you get it through ME. I don’t think sugar coating belongs anywhere but on a doughnut, I firmly believe the Divine is in charge and I don't believe in performing; I believe in interacting. Whether it's one person or one thousand, a show is a chance for me to make you laugh and for all of us to connect. It just so happens I tell you what the voices are saying while we're together.

Fargo Rocks!

1014 4th Ave N, Fargo, ND.
Fargo, ND
Saturday, December 1 @ 7:00pm
$20, reservations highly recommended -- this bad boy sells out
Call (701) 237-3729 for more information

Individuals and groups of all sizes are accommodated. Please email for more information. 

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