Bob Cat

nicknames: Bobbus Maximus, Roberto Gato, Super Bob, Mommy's/Daddy's Baby Bobcat, Bobert, Bob Bob Bobbin' Along, The Bob

age: (best guess) 12 or 13

Lounging on Mama's bed

Bob came to us from a friend's Mom. Her son told her that we had a cat at the time (Dexter, who passed away in 2009) that looked just like a stray she was feeding.

Soon after, we got a phone call telling us that if we didn't take this super-lovey stray, she'd deliver him to our wedding. Needless to say, we hustled to take him in.

I've never met a cat like Bob. His first few days in our home were in the basement, with the intention of allowing he & Dexter to get used to one another's scent through the door. I'd go downstairs to do laundry and Bob would bound up the back of a couch at the base of the stairs, purring like a Porsche and prancing. Honestly, I thought he was trying to fool me into getting close enough to him so that he could eat my face.

Alas, ten years later Bob is still the purr machine. A sweeter feline you've never met. He loves human contact and will come to you (like a dog) when called, content to just be near you, but preferring to lounge anywhere on your body he can find purchase. We often say we regret having Bob fixed; his genes surely would have made perfect kitties with my BFF's cat, Junie.

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