Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anyone Care For A Dirty White Smelly T-Shirt?

My BFF, C., is 25 weeks pregnant. This, combined with my body's current refusal to responsibly handle its own insulin levels, leaves us out of the alcohol game.

Last week, we got together with C.'s little (and stunningly gorgeous, super smart and wicked funny) sister, J., for movie night. I brought the drinks.

Now, I'm certain I'm not the first one to combine these ingredients, but holy COW did we think I was a genius. These concoctions were DELIGHTFUL.

Even though they were non-alcoholic, we poured into martini glasses like big girls.

And C.'s 4 year-old twins, G. and N.? They drank from sippy cups, sans lids ... like big boys.

Sitting around eating bean dip and sipping our lemony goodnesses, I asked the boys what they thought we should name these fabulous new beverages.

N. puckered his little lips, glancing from his glass to my face and back.
"Dirty, white, thmelly t-shirts," came the authoritative answer.

And so they are.

Want one?

- 3 oz pre-made lemonade (I like Simply Lemonade, but if something else pre-made is on sale, do it!)
- 2 oz lemon-lime soda pop (we used Sierra Mist)
- splash o' grenadine

Mmmmm ... Dirty White Smelly T-Shirts. Cheers!

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Kris said...

ok sister, let's set up a date for a dirty, smelly, white t-shirt!