Thursday, June 16, 2011

OK, So Here's The Deal ....

I can't write here right now.

I know, I know ... transparency.

I lied.

Well, maybe not LIED, per se.

Or maybe I just lied to myself.

Things are ... uh ... squishy in my house right now. I need to find a great job and SOON, and that whole money thing riles up something worse than Hagrid's Fluffy in me. It's not a good feeling, and since I refuse to whine in public (oh, my shrink is going to LOVE this) I'm shuttin' 'er down for a while.

I'll start posting again one day, just not today.

Of course, you're always welcome to comb through the archives. This is a good place to start.

When you're done there (or if you've got crazy mad multi-tasking skillz), please join me over at my photo blog. It's a place I don't feel pressured to keep tidy or explain very well. Some days I have words to go along with the images, and some days I don't. Some days I use a good camera, and some days I don't. Some days the photos are good, and some days they aren't. 'Just depends.

I've learned that I need to express myself in some way, and for me, blogging is a great solution. But when words weigh too much, I find photos feel much better. So, you know ... it's something I can do. Something I can handle.

See ya on the other side, mi amigos!

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