Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes We Love Boys We Shouldn't

I am a woman who loves a bad boy.
He only wants love on his terms, never when I am the seeker of affection.

He is a menace to society. He picks on puppies, verbally threatens even the tiniest of birds and more often than not, tries to goad everyone and everything around him into a spirited tussle.

He wrecks the house. He slices through screens as though their purpose on a door or window is to be but torn apart, rips facial tissue out of boxes like Guy Fieri and a live studio audience are egging him on, and has no qualms about drinking the last of the milk .... from YOUR glass.

And yet I adore him. He melts me. I can't help myself.

He's lived with us for just about five months now. I love watching him sleep. I love the lithe way he walks, his muscles rippling with every step, every nuance of movement a study in form. I love that he talks incessently, sometimes repeating the same thing over and over, well into ad nauseum. I love watching him play. But most of all, I love the way he stops what he's doing--regardless of what fun he may be having--to nuzzle my neck and kiss my face, eyes full of love.

Sometimes, we love boys we shouldn't ... and love every minute of it.

World, meet Amos.


leah.johnson said...

Yeah for kitties! Amos would probably get along well with Scooter Jennings :)

sarah said...

Sarah McCurdy - I LOVE this! Well done!

LEAH said...

He's a handsome troublemaker :)

John Koloch said...

Aren't all the lovable troublemakers handsome??? I can be quite the menace!