Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Peace Offering

I thought I'd offer you some photos I snapped while we were apart. Forgive the paragraph and photo orientation inconsistencies. Blogger is being a bizzo.

 This was one particularly peaceful night. Just lights, Eminem and me. Lovely.

I know what you're thinking. "Where's the tree?"

Yeah, there wasn't one. Mostly because of THIS from last year. Damned cat.

It snowed.
But it's okay, because we're playing this.

(They had me from, "outrageous".)

Naturally, there has been card playing as well.

I'm going to set my own pants on fire here and tell you the high score was mine. HA! Just typing that made me laugh. I rarely win at cards. Now, if points were awarded for trash-talking ....

My friend Derek from St. Cloud (which I think might very well be what his ID says ... "Derek from St. Cloud") took this shot on the side of the road in one of the I states. (Iowa? Indiana? Illinois? Ississippi?) KittyDaddy is in love with all things windpower, and Derek was nice enough to give me the file. My friend Miss M. has some mad framing skills and BAM! it's a Christmas present.

Every year, I like to read this book. A couple of years ago, I even read it aloud to my family. I think you should read it, too. Aloud to YOUR family would be even better. Heck, under the right circumstances, I'LL read it to you and yours. And fair warning: this book will make you laugh AND cry.

(Remind me to tell you sometime about how I almost had lunch with Dave Barry.)

 Amos, ever vigilant, made sure KittyDaddy shoveled everything the way it outta be. What a good kitty.

May someone watch over you as closely and be just as happy to see you come back in the door.

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