Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mobile Update

Winter sucks. Let's just address that immediately. I live in what I am told is the fifth coldest city in America. "Why?" is the oft-asked question this time of year. Rest assured, however, that in three months' time, I and everyone else around here will have forgotten these weeks of nastiness and be all high on Fargo and the Red River Valley all over again. It's what we do. Well, that and sandbag in between.

I have a great camera with a flash that's stuck and really not a very clear understanding of how it works in the first place. I also have a mobile phone with a camera that's pretty much always on me. Good 'nuf, I say! Let's see what I've captured, shall we?

'Ria made me invited me to go to South Dakota on Super Bowl Sunday. Since my favorite football team is generally whichever one isn't playing, I agreed. It was pretty fun, actually. Well, fun if you're into car sickness, winter weather only the Great Plains could stir up, and did I mention car sickness? I shouldn't complain. That girl is a good time. In fact, she passed my "we can get married now" test ... the road trip. She's even a good driver! And that's a good thing, because the roads were crap:

Define Your Lane

I got to see where she grew up. You find out a lot about a person when you see from whenst they came. Apparently, that woman is as pure as the driven snow, completely without a defined horizon, and may or may not have a dead deer leg sticking straight up. Wait, maybe that's a fence post. I dunno. I was busy trying not to barf in 'Ria's nice, clean car. Not being able to tell the difference between ground and sky was a new experience for me. I know my equilibrium appreciated it.

Where's The Horizon?

Amos got caught snugglin': (Points if that made a Jane's Addiction song drop into your mental jukebox!)

Orange On Orange

I got together with girlfriends to make Valentine's cards:


There may or may not have been wine, queso and cheesecake involved. We decided it was classier to keep the sticker on the wineglasses. Of course, if one has eyelashes like these, one can do whatever one wants with a wineglass. At least, that's what I decided when I snapped this photo:


Speaking of classy, here's one I made: (HI, KELLY!)

A Homemade Valentine By Yours Truly

We celebrated the second birthday of our nephew, The Little Man. Amos insisted on helping with the early stages of gift-wrapping:

Oh, Amos

Lucky for us all, we were able to convince kitty he should stay home and guard the box rather than attend the party. Honestly, I don't think that much cute should be in one room. I mean seriously, LOOK at these two:


We had to keep the lampshades away from Uncle Kitty Daddy. 'Makes you wonder what he's hiding under there, dudn't it?

Hat Hog

Finally, I want to tell you I wasn't the only one gettin' my crafty on for VDay. The BoyRD made me a little somethin'. Clay in the Oaxacan style, this guy melted my heart the moment I saw him. His name is Jorge. Say hello to my little friend:


Until next time .... consider yourself hugged!

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