Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter Storm

Living in Fargo, you get used to the weather.

Kind of.

Blizzards in March, Mother Nature's final wintery stand, are not uncommon. I've gotten to the point of welcoming this last dumping of snow, knowing that we just need to get through the Red River's crest and all will be normal again.

This year's March blizzard was a doozy. It was nice enough to layer ice and graupel before frosting the whole thing with about eight inches of snow. Shoveling this stuff was a near-impossible task. Machinery was the only cure.

Thank God for my boys.

The BoyRD and TheBestFriend attacked our sidewalks and driveway with a snowthrower. The RD had to first break into the hard crust, followed by TheBestFriend with machinery.

From my warm roost, it looked like this :

I wish I would have thought to grab the video camera for this. The racket the snow made was, in a word, alarming.

Of course, it was no more alarming than the thought of having to go out there and kick some graupel gluteus   all by my onesy.

I know what you're thinking.

And don't worry.

I bought them pizza.


Becks said...

Graupel...I've seen that. Here they call it Dip n' Dots!

Josh Whitford said...

I for one cant wait for spring/summer, either that or I am taking a trip south very soon. March is probably the hardest month especially since its now light out until 8pm yet there is all of this snow around. grrrrrr